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Tax Increase after Tax Increase: The Case against Case – Exhibit G

Fighting to Lower Taxes? Why would somebody who votes for virtually every tax increase laid before him claim that he has been fighting to lower taxes?

Tax Increases at EVERY Turn

Please review:

“According to his campaign website, Ed Case “understands what excessive taxes and unnecessary regulation can
do to our economic engine especially in tough times.” But his voting record from 49 months in Congress shows
that Ed Case voted 72 times for higher taxes or fees—on average one vote every 21 days. Case claims to be
an independent “Blue Dog” Democrat, but most of the 72 votes were cast in lockstep with Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s
“progressive”-controlled House Democratic Caucus.”

More of the same here: 

In a recent Political Ad, Ed Case stated once again that is he has been “fighting to lower taxes” and we should Thank
HIM for it…This idea is absurdly false.

Question: How is voting FOR virtually every possible tax INCREASE and voted AGAINST every possible tax DECREASE
to be considered good for the people of Hawai’i and how is this “fighting to lower taxes”?

Ed Case recently voted for (2) massive appropriations Bills that are directly linked to the skyrocketing inflation and
will result in, once again increased taxes:

The “Inflation Reduction Act” that Ed Case recently voted for includes Hundreds of Billions of Dollars to fight for
“Climate Justice”.

Please keep in mind, the very Inflation we are dealing with was caused by among other things, massive spending bills
such as the ($1.75 Trillion) The “Build Back Better Plan”.

Ed Case’s own Press Release on the matter:

United States Senate Committee on Finance

Keep in mind, 87,000 New IRS Agents are coming for this money….

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